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Having the perfect sets of security products for your industrial warehouse is very important as they save your warehouse from potential danger every single day. The safety of the industrial warehouse is mostly dependent on the level of security. Here are some of the best security products for your industrial warehouse.


Tyco fire alarm detection

This is the first product on this list because in a twinkle of an eye everything you have worked for and labored for can just disappear due to fire outbreak and this can be devastating. A fire alarm system should be installed in every warehouse and it should be one of the first lines of security a warehouse should take. You don’t want a fire outbreak while someone is stuck in a corner or a tight angle. Tyco fire alarm detection is one of the most proactive devices in these areas. They switch on automatically and blare very loud alarms which would alert even the numbest of individuals.

Access control systems

These are also very important in a warehouse as you would want to know and monitor who exactly used specific doors and this is usually useful in unraveling theft cases or any other criminal cases which are associated with vital locations in the warehouse. This is one of the best security products you can get for your warehouse because they keep a form of inhibition and restriction on any dishonest individual. There are different kinds of access control products existing out there and one of them is the biometric access control systems. They identify who uses a particular door or entrance based on the fingerprint of the individual as the fingerprint is used to gain access into the room. Others include the proximity access control systems and the door access control systems.

Lorex security cameras

Security cameras are one of the most popular ways to detect a burglar even before they can do any harm and it gives you a headstart on what to do and how to defend yourself as well as how to make sure such an individual is caught. There are different kinds of cameras you can use but we recommend the Lorex security cameras. To decide on using a particular camera, you should make sure it has the ability to rotate 360 degrees thus it can cover different angles and no burglar can break into your home. It should also be able to create good quality videos even in low light. This is good because the presence of light will mean any burglar will intend using the dark areas and the camera must be able to provide good image quality in such dark situations.


Bullet CCTV

This is also another security product you should get for your warehouse. This is because it can give high-quality videos from a long-range thus helping the security team detect any potential danger and giving the warehouse security enough time to avert it. It also is very noticeable so anyone incoming who has the aims of committing a crime in that area would be given the camera “we are watching you” sign. It gives a scare factor and thus making the environment safe. It is used mostly for outdoor security and to this effect, they are made to be water-resistant and also dirt resistant.


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