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Audi A2

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It is an elegant, light and comfortable car in the class of the German company Audi. Starting of production of this model dates back to 2000.

High body of Audi A2 hatchback is based on the latest technology and offers excellent aerodynamics. Length of Audi A2 is 3826 mm, width - 1673 mm, height - 1553 mm. Unlike the Audi A3, it is characterized by a skeleton of cast aluminum alloy components and aluminum hinged panels cladding. The engine line 5-door hatchback presented power unit in volume of 1.2 liter with the capacity of 61 horsepower, 1.4-liter capacity of 90 and 75 horsepower and a 1.6-liter with 110 horsepower. Equipped with a stabilization system ESP, Brake-force Distribution EBD, front and side airbags Audi A2 gives a feeling of confidence and peace of mind.

Stylish and yet simple interior design delight of compartments, pockets and drawers to keep things small. A large glass area provides excellent visibility. The flowing lines of the exterior, excellent dynamics, good specifications Audi A2 will please even the most capricious customer.

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List of Audi A2 specifications

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Years Modification Name Hp Engine Length 0-100 Km/h Max speed
2000 - 2013 Audi A2 1.2 TDI 61 hp — cm³ — mm — sec. — Km/h
2000 - 2013 Audi A2 1.4 i 16V 75 hp — cm³ — mm — sec. — Km/h
2000 - 2003 Audi A2 1.4 TDI 75 hp — cm³ — mm — sec. — Km/h
2003 - 2013 Audi A2 1.4 TDI 90 hp — cm³ — mm — sec. — Km/h
2002 - 2013 Audi A2 1.6 FSI 110 hp — cm³ — mm — sec. — Km/h

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