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Ford GT was issued the company Ford from 2002 to 2006. This model represents the sports car which design reminds of appearance of the classical Ford racing car of GT40 1960 years.

Ford GT in a body of a compartment possesses the most powerful technical base. 5,4 liter engine with pressurization gives out 550 h.p. (410 kW) and allows to gather speed to 330 km/h. In a design of the car were used not only absolutely new decisions, but also well checked time. The steering column is borrowed at related Ford Focus, and the management and safety cushion button — at Ford Mondeo. Technical characteristics of Ford GT do it attractive to fans of fast driving. This model is calculated on two passengers. The car, capable to contain much more people — Ford Galaxy.

The salon is executed in style of the past era of the 60th. Huge speedometer and a tachometer. Seats as it is necessary to the real racing car — rigid and noncontrollable, with punching (for natural ventilation of a body of the driver).

In November, 2005 there was Ford GTX1 updating. The suspension bracket and brakes were improved, and engine capacity increased to 700 h.p. Tuning of model cost to producers 48 thousand dollars.

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Years Modification Name Hp Engine Length 0-100 Km/h Max speed
2004 - 2013 Ford GT 5.4 i V8 32V 507 hp 5409 cm³ 4645 mm 3.8 sec. 322 Km/h

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