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GMC was not engaged in the production of passenger cars. Traditionally, it assembled various trucks, including the so-called light trucks (pickups and cargo vans). As the popularity of cars like SUV and GMC grew it became a notable manufacturer of combi and off-road cars next to Chevrolet.

«General Motors Corporation» - is a car manufacturing company starting its history with the creation of a truck with single-cylinder horizontal engine by brothers Max and Morris Grabowski in 1900. In 1902, he founded the car company «Rapid Motor Vehicle». In 1908 there was created the General Motors concern which included Rapid Motor Vehicle and other small car companies in Michigan. In 1916, GM was renamed into the «General Motors Corporation».

During the years of the first world war the GMC company shipped about 10000 trucks and their modifications to the army needs from 1917-1919.

After the war end the company started improving of the assembly line at the factory in Pontiac, Michigan State and engaged in the redesign of its cars by changing their bodies for rail cars and motor cars of various applications.

The “Yellow Cab Manufacturing” company of Chicago entered the “General Motors” in 1925.

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