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In 1983 the Japanese producer presented the new commercial car of the Subaru Domingo model which was issued till 1991. In domestic market of Japan the model carried such name, however in other foreign markets the car is known under the name Subaru Libero. The Subaru Domingo car in a body a minivan was made. Dimensions of a commercial car: the length was equal to 3525 millimetres, width - to 1415 millimetres, height - to 1925 millimetres. The equipped weight made 1040 kgs, and admissible full - 1600 kgs. The maximum volume of a luggage compartment was equal to 2500 litres.

Under a cowl of the unique updating of Subaru Domingo there was a petrol engine in volume 1,2 litres in capacity 54 horsepowers which worked with a 5-step mechanical box of gear shifting and a full connected drive. The power unit of model was 3-cylinder with the distributed injection. Forward and back suspension brackets were screw, spring. The maximum speed of the car made 128 kilometres per hour. From 0 to 100 kilometres per hour the car gathered in 18 seconds. On the city of a car spent 9,3 litres, and for the highway - 6,1 litres of fuel on 100 kilometres of a way. Technical characteristics of Subaru Domingo are more powerful in comparison with indicators of a Japanese hatchback of Subaru Stella which in the most powerful updating is equipped with the unit in volume 0,7 litres in capacity 64 horsepowers.

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Years Modification Name Hp Engine Length 0-100 Km/h Max speed
1995 - 2000 Subaru Domingo 0.66 64 hp — cm³ — mm — sec. — Km/h

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